The Pepperoni Roll Fundraiser Club!

Pizza Joe's in Girard, Ohio has an easy and effective program to assist you in raising money for your Club. Everyone loves pepperoni rolls and Pizza Joe's Pepperoni Roll Fundraising Program has helped to raise thousands of dollars for Clubs and organizations in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for over 30 years.

Who Is Our Fundraiser For?

Simple. Everyone!

If you need to raise money we're here for you! We’ve supported many clubs, bands, schools, churches, youth athletic teams, loved ones in need and clubs of all sizes.

How Much Profit Will You Make?

How Does 100% Profit Sound?

  • First, your Club members sell the rolls for $3.00 each.
  • Then, we sell your Club the rolls for $1.50 each.
  • Meaning, your Club profits $1.50 on each roll sold!

Ready To Raise Some Money?

Sliced Pepperoni Rolls

Click Here!