Our fundraising program is simple and effective… just 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1 : Contact Us

Contact us with your plans to begin a fundraiser so we can discuss your fundraising goals, dates of the sale and pick-up or delivery details.

Step 2 : Meet With Your Team

Meet with the members of your group to explain the program and hand out the sales tracking sheets from the The Forms page.

Step 3 : Take Orders

Your Club members take pre-orders for the pepperoni rolls during the set sale dates. Your Club charges $3.00 per Roll and we charge your Club $1.50 per Roll. Leaving your Club with $1.50 profit on each Roll sold!

Once all the forms are collected contact us with the total of Pepperoni Rolls your CLUB needs. All of your rolls will be hand-rolled so please give us at least 10 days prior to the pick-up or delivery date.

Step 4 : Distribute Rolls

Pepperoni rolls will be ready for your Club on the set pick-up or delivery date. Your members will be responsible for the distribution of the rolls.

We offer free delivery for any CLUB Fundraiser of over 400 Pepperoni Rolls.

Ready To Get This Fundraiser Rolling?

Sliced Pepperoni Rolls

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